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About Steve Plesser

Sacramento Criminal Defense Attorney

Sacramento criminal defense attorney Steve Plesser is a seasoned trial attorney who has practiced criminal defense exclusively for 18 years in Northern California. A graduate of UC Davis Law School and the University of Wisconsin - Madison, Steve had a storied career as a criminal defense attorney in the Public Defender's office in San Joaquin, Placer, and Sacramento counties before joining Sacramento federal criminal defense attorney Mark Reichel as a partner in Mark Reichel.

As a criminal defense trial lawyer, Steve has tried dozens of serious and complex felony criminal cases, including numerous homicide and "Three Strikes" cases and won numerous hard-fought acquittals for his clients. Steve has earned a reputation as a formidable and effective trial attorney who has successfully defended hundreds of clients charged with felonies, ranging from complex fraud cases, to assault, homicide, robbery, narcotics distribution and manufacturing, burglary, sex offenses, and gang offenses, amongst others.

As one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Sacramento, Steve is the "go-to" guy for many defense attorneys in Northern California on issues involving evaluation of forensic evidence, use of forensic expert witnesses, successful use of mental health defenses and psychiatric experts, and effective use of digital media and technology in the courtroom.

Victory in a criminal defense never comes easily. Steve believes success in criminal cases is achieved not just by thoroughly preparing a case and forcefully challenging the government's evidence, but by building relationships. Steve is proud to count many clients, client's family members, former jurors, witnesses, and even former legal adversaries as friends.

Recent Trial Wins

NOT GUILTY by jury of all charges (assault causing serious bodily injury) People v. Garcia (2010)
NOT GUILTY by jury of kidnapping, robbery, assault w/ a deadly weapon, false imprisonment, domestic violence, amongst others, in "Three Strikes" trial where client was looking at 275 years to life in prison. Convicted of only two misdemeanors and given credit for time served and released from custody. People v. Jackson (2009)
NOT GUILTY by jury of all charges (assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury and enhancement of causing great bodily injury) People v. Lockling (2009)
NOT GUILTY by jury of all charges (assault with a deadly weapon/knife and causing great bodily injury enhancement) People v. Harris (2009)
NOT GUILTY by jury of serious charges of pimping a minor and lewd acts with a minor. Convicted of only a lesser offense, received probation and avoided registration as a sex offender. People v. Rivera (2009)
HUNG JURY on charges of assault on police officer and prior "strike." People v. Hendrix (2009)
NOT GUILTY by jury of all charges (possession of weapon by inmate) People v Soliai (2008)